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What can I do?

The problem most people have in starting a workout routine is a total lack of knowledge in what would be a sensible and logical routine for them. They adopt a routine from a magazine designed by someone who has been working out more often than not for at least five years.


What if I currently do NOTHING physical?

You will have to start small.  Take half of your lunch break and walk for 30 minutes.  Walk around your block at home after dinner for 30 minutes.  This for the first few weeks will get your body used to activity and allow you to add resistance as you build confidence.  Once you have mastered these tasks you can add resistance by picking up the speed, or increasing the length, or if at work climb the stairs at lunch.


What can I do if I have had joint issues before?

Any type of water resistance activity such as swimming, treading water in a pool, or water aerobics burn fat at a higher rate and have zero impact on your joints.

What about free weights verses machines?

Routines based on machines are easier to perform. Free weights give you a harder workout because you need to use stabilizer muscles to support the bar, that a machine does for you. While you can lift more weight in a machine on any given body part you burn more fat using free weights.


What can I do if I have no access to weights or my schedule prevents me from hitting the gym most days of the week?

The human body can be effectually used as its own resistance to help you get fit and make the desired lifestyle change. Exercises such as the common back raise, sit-up and push-up along with running, and wall squats will hit all the major body groups and increase cardio fitness.

Many websites with office cube routines are available for all levels of fitness. Try a google search and pick and choose what your comfortable doing in your cube.


Do I have to do Cardio work?

Yes.  But this can be anything you like, running, biking, climbing stairs, bleachers, swimming, treading water, hiking.  Any activity as long as your heart rate increases to 80% of your maximum for at least 20 minutes per session.


What if my body hurts the morning after? This is the most common reason people stop after the first session. To sore to move.  DON'T over train.  Also if you design your workout sessions with the resistance portion first and the cardio after you should sweat out the lactic acid trapped in your muscles after the resistance work.  This acid (yes its in Milk) crystallizes over night and that is what causes pain and soreness.

Ways to negate the soreness:

  • If your gym or health club has a sauna or steam room, sit in there, keep drinking small amounts of water until you feel the lactic acid flush in your system. This is described as a slimly state to your sweat and skin surface and a sour milk taste in your mouth.
  • Take an aspirin or Advil before going to bed.
  • Drink your daily intake of water to help flush the system of toxins.  


Hey I made great progress at first but now I'm not gaining or loosing weight?


The body has adopted your new routine as just that routine. And now can accommodate it without burning excess energy. Change your routines every 90 days or so to keep your body guessing.  Increase the intensity every few weeks.
You really have an answer for every excuse I have not to workout? YES

There is no reason not workout because any activity will be a benefit to your healthy lifestyle, verses doing nothing but sitting, or laying around watching TV.  


Where can I get routines?  Visit the links portion of this site for sites that will help you design a routine that works for you.  Don't copy a professionals routine from a bodybuilding magazine. Your fail at trying to meet their level.


Where can I get diet and nutritional help? Visit the links section to find a few diet and nutrition links to help you design an diet plan that works for you. 



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