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My First Simple Rule is all things in moderation food wise. You need to eat less more often. Portions should be no bigger then your closed fist since that is the size of your heart and stomach.  I follow the FDA Food Pyramid and try to balance the daily recommended amounts over the 6 or so meal a day I eat.

Carbs ARE necessary.  10 years since Atkins launched his diet and he is dead of heart issues and many people who have followed his diet are also suffering serious heart conditions. BACK TO RULE ONE. All foods in moderation.

Fat is also necessary for your survival and wellbeing. The biggest mistake I see when I'm asked to make someone a diet is they have cut the fat so much, their body's defense mechanism has started to horde fat and consume muscle. Vitamins such as the B family need fat to be absorbed into the system.   I eat some type of fat everyday at breakfast and take my multi vitamin with this meal. My fat of choice is Peanut butter. Its high in protein, has good oils and is tasty to boot. A toasted bagel is my method of delivery but if your diet is carb rich and your trying to loose mass, then substitute a piece of whole wheat (or as you Canadians say brown) toast.

Water is the essential element Humans need in order to survive. It hydrates, and cleanses toxins from our bodies. So work your way up to 8 glasses a day slowly since you can drink too much water and cause your brain to swell.

Ok what about Junk food and Beer? EAT THEM. But don't reach for that beer if you can't work it off in your next workout. When I was bodybuilding I planned my diet with the notion that every thing going in, had a role in keeping the machine working at top speed. So if I wanted a Beer I would have to account for the calories, and carbs in that days allowance. 

As to junk food eat it. BUT limit yourself to one item, and limit to one day. My "cheat" day was and still is Sunday. If I want candy I eat it.  By denying yourself the foods you love you guarantee yourself to failure. If I was a real good boy during the week and had great workouts, CHOCOLATE was my vise. Reward yourself if you make a short term goal.  Make your little goals a stairway to the greater goal of being happier, fitter and better looking naked.

REMEMBER Simple Rule Number Two.  Keep the portions small and eat it slow. Then figure where to cut the comparable amounts of carbs, fat and sugar from your treat in your next few meals.

Eat sensible clean non processed foods when you can but don't freak out when you can't. 



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